Indian Red Cross Society, U.T. Branch maintains its reputation and position as an effective humanitarian organization having capacity to help the Society through welfare activities. The Society aims to inspire, encourage and initiate all forms of humanitarian activities, so that the human suffering is minimized. With this aim in view, the Society provided following services

Health and Welfare Services
Many people suffer as a result of limited or no access to the most basic health services and lack of elementary health education. During the year 2010-11, the Indian Red Cross Society has performed the following activities under “Health and Welfare Services”.

Chandigarh Hospice & Hospice Home Care: –
Sector-43, Chandigarh
(Phone No: 0172-4667550)

Hospice Home Care was started in February, 2000 by Indian Red Cross Society, U.T. Chandigarh in collaboration with PGI. As an extension of the same, Chandigarh Hospice was established in January, 2003. A 20 bedded hospital for terminally ill cancer patients was established on 14-01-2003.

HOSPICE care can be provided at home, in a hospital or at a special institution set up for this purpose. It is caring for a dying person based on the belief that he/she is a human being with hopes, fears and needs, still capable of giving and sharing, with the right to die in dignity. The emphasis is on improving quality of life and adding life to days. Chandigarh Hospice provides professional medical care along with dedicated support system in the ambience of home-like environment.

Home Care unit provides support service in the home of a patient with advanced cancer for whom cure is not a likely prospect. The main focus of this support is physical i.e. help and advice on the relief of symptoms especially pain and nursing care. In addition, the patient and the family are given emotional and practical support. When necessary, bereavement support is provided.

The staff consisting of Two Medical Officers, 4 staff nurses and other employees is professionally trained in understanding the HOSICE & Home Care philosophy, death and dying and bereavement as well as developing communication and listening skills.

Chandigarh HOSPICE service is being provided “FREE OF CHARGE” and includes medication, dressing, Nursing Care and food etc.

Hygienically maintained pleasing interiors with specially designed furniture for patient comfort, AC/coolers, heat convectors, geysers, beddings, staying facility for attendants, 24 hour kitchen service, on call transport facility at subsidized rates and without charges in case of destitute patients.

Get together are organized for celebration of various festivals; Meditation Camps; Interaction with intellectuals and spiritual people for peace of mind; Music Systems and television for entertainment and games which can be enjoyed at the bedside.
523 patients were admitted/re-admitted/ in the Chandigarh Hospice.4119 patients were seen in the clinic. Under ‘Home Care’ 97 patients were admitted and 498 visits were made to the residences of the patients during the year 2010-2011.

This project is not funded by any Government grant or assistance. Therefore, the donations in cash and in kind are accepted. The residents of the tri-city may donate generously for this project.

Hospital Welfare Section with the help of female social workers who sit in PGI/Hospitals and recommend free medicines on the prescription of Doctors to poor patients admitted there. Besides this, the financial aid is also provided for the purchase of medicines, Wheel Chair, Tri-Cycles.

First Aid Training – Indian Red Cross Society, U.T. Chandigarh having a unit of St. John Ambulance has imparted training in First Aid to 1878 Students of various schools, people aspiring to become conductor and employees of the Private Company.

Tailoring Classes to the poor ladies and girls – Indian Red Cross Society, U.T. Branch Chandigarh has started Tailoring Classes for a duration of 6 months for the poor ladies and girls of the nearby villages at Karuna Sadan Building, Sector-11B, Chandigarh, wherein these poor ladies and girls are being imparted training.

Meal & Canteen Service

1. A number of Red Cross eating outlets in the PGI, Govt Multi Speciality Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh and canteen at Raen Basera, Sector 17, Chandigarh are providing quality food to visitors at reasonable rates. Some of the outlets provide 24 x 7 services.
2. The Society is running a Departmental Store in General Multi Speciality Hospital, Sector 16 Chandigarh in order to reach out to routine needs of patients and their relatives.
3. The Society is also running a Gift & Flower Shop in Govt. Multi Speciality Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh to cater the needs of the people visiting the patients.

Integrated Ambulance and Funeral Van Services
The Society, with a fleet of 6 Ambulances and 3 Funeral Van, is providing a 24 hours services to the public of this city as well as of neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Utter Pradesh on subsidized rates.

Raen-Basera – (Night Shelter)
(Phone No: 0172-2783988)

– Indian Red Cross Society is running a Raen Basera – Night Shelter in the Bus Stand Complex, Sector 17, Chandigarh for the benefit of pavement dwellers, rickshaw pullers and general public and provides lodging facilities at very nominal charges.

– Apart from that Society is also running a canteen in Raen Basera Premises for the daily commuters and the persons who stay in the Night Shelter on subsidies rates.

– 12469 persons availed the facilities of Raen Basera during the year 2010-11.

Scholarship to Blind Students:-

– Indian Red Cross Society, U.T. Chandigarh is providing scholarship annually to the visually handicapped students of Colleges & Students. This scholarship @ Rs.500/- per month per student is meant for meeting the expenditure on books etc.
– The names of the students are recommended by concerned Principal/HOD of College and University as the case may be.

Sahayata Project – Under this project, Red Cross Society is providing services to the general public and assisting Registering & Licensing Authority, by providing man-power.